Public Radio Sponsorship gets results.

Eighty percent of listeners have a more positive opinion of a company when it supports public radio. You can take advantage of what is referred to as public media’s “halo effect,” and associate yourself with a trusted source of news, music and entertainment.




In return for your generous support, KPR is able to provide on-air recognition in the form of sponsorship messages. These on-air messages allow businesses to describe their services and products to our engaged and influential audience. Let KPR help you craft sponsorship messages that will air during KPR programming, where your message will be heard by our listeners during their favorite shows.






Corporate sponsors can choose to run ads on the KPR website, which is viewed by over 30,000 unique visitors every month, generating over 60,000 page views. Visitors to our site spend an average of more than one minute 30 seconds each time they visit, a veritable eternity in today’s fast-paced online world!

Mobile app

Reach even more public radio listeners by sponsoring an app on KPR’s snazzy new app, which is growing in popularity.